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Who We Are

Founded in 2017, the Bachelor Candle was created for the lack of man scented candles on the market. It all started with a group of guys hanging out, when one of these single guys brought up that he was teased that his apartment smelled like flowers. As all of them laughed. they realized that there wasn't a masculine scented candle out there. So, one of these guys decided he would create them and here we are today. After the initial local success, the Bachelor Candle decided to launch an online store.

The Bachelor Candle is an all male fragrance candle line. All of the candles are 100% homemade, manly, soy candles specializing in popular male fragrances men and women love. The Bachelor Candle has designed candles for men/women who enjoy a masculine aroma in their home free of judgment. Our aromas are not the only thing that are masculine, our solid black metal tins show an example of strength and confidence that a man holds. Our product is made from soy for a cleaner longer burn, our wax is hand-poured to ensure adhesive to our tins, and our wax colors are chosen to be strong, sexy and seductive.

Each candle is named after a specific type of man that is out in the world. Whether you are or looking for the cowboy, the seductive type, the bearded type or even a specific profession, we have an aroma that will match you, your personality, and the man of you crave.

Whether you want the smell of a man around your house, or you want an aroma for confidence our candles will smoothly fit into your lifestyle. If you are looking to get in the mood or kick back and relax, all you need to do is light one of candles up.

The Bachelor Candle was founded by Ceasar Perez, a former Los Angeles Men's Fashion Editor and Stylist.